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In our store you will find over 13,000 products that will meet all the needs of your pet
- dog, cat, fish, hamster, guinea pig, rabbit, turtle or canary.

Royal Canin - popular food for dogs and cats of all ages, developed taking into account the breed and lifestyle of each pet. A special line of veterinary food helps to support animals in faster recovery, BOSCH and BOSCH SANABELLE - the highest quality food produced in Germany, from carefully selected ingredients that will meet the expectations of dogs and cats regardless of age, gender and individual needs, BRIT - the highest quality, complete premium and super premium food for dogs and cats, adjusted to the age and weight needs of animals. Filled with delicious meat chunks, no grains, PURINA - @3D5V8 developed with the input of nutritionists, veterinarians and behaviorists. Nutritionally complete, balanced and tasty, they support the health and welfare of dogs and cats.
PEDIGREE - the most popular food and treats for dogs of all ages, providing a complete meal and supporting key areas of dog health, Josera - super premium and premium food for dogs and cats, made of carefully selected ingredients, without the addition of wheat, soy, sugar and genetically modified raw materials, ensuring the highest quality and high digestibility. Dog bed - the largest selection of dog beds, bedding, pillows and mattresses, practical plastic beds and designer Dutch pillows for dogs, Dog transporters - bags and transporters necessary during travel and visits to the vet, transporters with IATA certificate
Dog collars and leashes - a wide selection of traditional and automatic harnesses, collars and leashes for all breeds and sizes of dogs, Clippers for dogs - choose the best furminator and clippers and the necessary accessories for dog care, Dog toys - balls, teethers, plush toys and games for dogs, provide entertainment and physical activity for dogs Cat lair - the largest selection of cat beds, bedding, pillows and mattresses for cats, comfortable lairs hung on a radiator
Cat scratchers - essential accessories for a cat that will ensure fun and thanks to them you will protect your furniture from the natural need to scratch, Cat toys - tunnels, fishing rods, balls, stuffed animals and interactive toys for cats, catnip toys Cat litter - bentonite, silicone, antibacterial or wooden, ensures hygiene and cleanliness of the litter box and reduces unpleasant odors Cat litter boxes - open, closed and screening, with a carbon filter that absorbs unpleasant odors, available in many colors and designs