We cooperate with wholesalers, aquarium and zoological shops and professional kennels with registered business activity.

In order to start cooperation, we require the presentation of registration documents of the company, clearly stating the activities carried out in the field of aquariums or zoology.

Since we care about the quality of the services we provide, every application for cooperation is checked in detail by us.

Detailed terms of cooperation together with the price list and information about the discount system are available after receiving the company's registration documents.

We invite interested stores to cooperate. We offer favorable trading conditions.

If you have a question about cooperation in the field of wholesale purchases, please contact:
email: biuro@lapy-capu.eu

Integration file.

The integration file in xml format is updated on request, it has up-to-date descriptions, prices and availability of the product.

The file allows you to connect your store to our warehouse and update the stock and prices of products.